Thursday, 5 August 2010

Enter... the Chasm!

Ok, so the server has decided to run a bit more smooth now since that, erm, 'mishap' xP and now we can finally see the true extent of the damage...

Overall it took over half an hour for the server to process this destruction, and it's still lagging around that area after the destruction. However, it looks amazing :)


New Server! Dead server...

Finally, the SMP has been released and what a way to celebrate being able to play with friends than, erm... blowing up an entire cave/server :O

Here's a couple of shots during the creating of the bomb, befores and afters etc :)

Ok, there isn't a definitive final result yet, because as I update this, the server is still trying to catch up... 15 minutes after the explosion :) Success much? I think so!

I'll post the final result when it's managed to catch up :)


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tower of ZOMFG

Almost finished the basic layout of my town which at the moment, looks puny in comparison to the massive forest I've created :) so with this, I decided to make a tower of some sort, and preferably a bit one mainly getting inspiration from Eetio's huge castle he's making at the moment on his map. Here is a screenshot of it, when I get round to it, and finish the interior, I'll post a screenshot of that also, but so far it's about 6-7 levels of glass and stone xP


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Loque's Gaze

Named after one of my favorite Beasts in WoW, Loque's Gaze is the first of hopefully a few 'sub-sections' that I'll start to dot around my map. These could be anything from Signs stating something important, or something like this :)

2 posts in 1 night?! What's wrong with me! ;D


Operation Re-forestation!

Before I started to actually think about replanting trees, I kept fixed in the back of my head that they didn't grow, as unfortunately, I just didn't have the patience to wait for them. After chatting with Eli about saplings etc, I decided to give them a second go and well.. I've decided to create a dedicated forest area just next to my village! Here are a few development screens of how it's progressed so far:

All pictures are taken of the same location, obviously the area has become heavily grown upon now, but despite this, it's actually around 40% complete. I've placed walls on the outside so I know where to plant trees up to and so I don't get too carried away with this.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Castle Entrance and Small Town overlook.

Firstly, I'd like to show the lock which I've incorporated into my castle's entrance:

As you can see, 2 light's on means the door is securely locked.

Here we see one light off yet the door remains locked.

Again, another light is off yet the other is on the the door remains locked.

Finally, both switches are pulled and the door can be breached :)

Next I've taken 2 pictures of what the small town looks like at both night and day in near-enough the same location, showing how light has effected the area mainly.

Obviously this is a work in progress :)



Aside from playing WoW in most of my spare time, I also dabble in a spot of Minecraft, thus, this blog was born!

I'll try to showcase some projects I'll work on for you guys to check out and for me to personally look back and enjoy.